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Three Tales of Ngari

Three Tales of Ngari

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A show for children (but not only) to discover the dreamworld of this Himalayan region with the monks of Sera Jey Ngari Khangtsen.

A wonderful and magical performance for children from 8 years upward – but not only for children.
Within a magical atmosphere, 6 monks – 3 musicians and 3 actors and dancers – from Sera Jey Monastery Ngari Khangtsen assisted by a narrator bring alive for you some legends of this Himalayan region ; where we will hear about imprints of the yeti in snow, about a magician who leaves his footprints in a rock, where we will meet animals who speak the language of men and other extraordinary beings.

‘‘Since time immemorial, I widely fly over the roof of the world... I shape clouds, stroke valleys and sculpt high mountains of the Land of Snow.
In summer, I make the crops and the vast fields covered with wild flowers ripple. Green waters of immaculate lakes shine as i pass. In winter, my icy breath hardens the snow and penetrates everywhere, even in the depth of yack’s wool.
For centuries, i have blown over nomad’s camps, villages and palaces. I heard and carry with me amazing stories told by men nearby the flames of a fire under a starry sky. In the same way that i spread altruistic prayers written on ‘wind horses’, these colored flags hung at snowy summits for the benefit of all beings, i will today whisper for you the magnificent legends of the Ngari region.’’

The show lasts about 50 minutes.
Financial terms: One night lodging and food for 8 people.
1350 € each performance OR 90 % of tickets fees with the possibility to sale handcraft.
License numbers : 15-15057 and 15-15058.

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