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Various Rituals and Prayers (Shabten)

Cutting off the Truly Existent ‘I’ (Chöd)
The Tibetan Chöd translates as cutting, severing and/or dismemberment. The terms are to be understood mainly in a symbolic and/or psychological sense - as a radical liberation from one’s ego and all that it usually fears. The Chöd practice was inspired by the teachings of the Indian adept Phadampa Sangye (c. 1045-1117), and its adherents regard the Prajnaparamita Sutra as the school’s most important sacred text.

The healing Chöd is an ancient Buddhist ritual known for its power to heal mental and physical sickness, remove karmic obstacles to spiritual growth, and address human suffering.

Time needed: this can be a short 15 min. puja performed also during ‘‘The Breath of Ngari’’.
Minimum suggested donation: € 6 entrance fee for a public event. € 250 for a private event.

Prayers (Pujas)
According to your needs, Ngari Khangtsen monks can perform the following pujas:

Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menlha) for health and healing.
Cittamani Tara (Dolchok) for fulfilling wishes.
Hayagriva (Tam drin sang) for overcoming inner egotism and outer obstructions.
Seven Limb (Chutrul de ramne) for gaining merit.
Purification (Jab Thru) for removing obstacles or negative karma.
Prayers for the dead, in order to receive a higher rebirth for those who died.
Other prayers may be considered upon requested.

Minimum suggested donation: dependent upon the puja and the size of the audience.

Divinations (Mo)
Tibetan Buddhism is endowed with predictive methods (Mo) based on the power and wisdom of the teachings of the Buddha. Even today, before making important decisions or during transitional periods in life, Tibetans use these methods of divination. There are two popular methods of performing mo: one uses the throwing of dice and the other involves counting beads on a rosary. The power of these mos is dependent on the meditational deity with which the divinations are connected (Manjushri, Tara, Vajrapani, Paldhen Lhamo, the Five Dakinis).

Questions of almost any nature may be asked, though they are usually associated to yes or no answers. The lama will then offer a prognosis in which pujas, prayer, or practices may be recommended in order to create a favorable outcome or resolve the problem at hand.

Time: about 15 min.
Minimum suggested donation: € 40.