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Sutra recitations and house blessings

Sutra recitations

In Tibet, people traditionally invite monks to their house to eliminate obstacles and to accumulate virtuous karma and plant the seeds of positive results.
For this aim, the Ngari khangtsen monks can recite different Buddhist scriptures, for example:

The Prajnaparamitasutra in 8000 verses: three monks recite for one day, or one monk recites for three days.
Time needed: one to three days.
Minimal donation suggested: € 350 (plus food and lodging).

The Prajnaparamitasutra in 12 volumes: the recitation of this fundamental sutra eliminates obstacles and brings vast blessings. It is said that merely having a set of volumes of this text on one’s altar is a source of great benefit.
Time needed: six monks for four days.
Minimal donation suggested: € 700 (plus food and lodging).

The Golden Light Sutra: merely hearing this sutra brings numerous benefits (e.g. avoiding rebirths in the lower realms, receiving help from higher beings, etc.) and purifies many negative karmas.
Time needed: one monk for four hours.
Minimal donation suggested: € 100.

The Diamond Cutter Sutra: is one of the principal texts of the great vehicle and one of the most beneficial practices, as it explains how to cut the root of cyclic existence, the ignorance grasping at a true existence of persons and phenomena (although in reality they are ‘empty’ of such a mode of existence).
Time needed: one monk for approximately four hours.
Minimal donation suggested: € 100.

House and workplace blessings

Upon request, Ngari Khangtsen monks will be available for private home and business blessing pujas to eliminate obstacles and bring prosperity.
Time: about 30min.
Minimum suggested donation: € 120.