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Tour 2017


Sacred Arts of the Himalaya Region
While art is typically used to express an individual’s emotions and feelings, Himalayan sacred art, through painting, sculpting, chanting, dance, etc. is used to dissolve ignorance, ego and self-cherishing by manifesting wisdom and compassion through meticulous ritual.
The Ngari Khangtsen monks from the Sera Monastery in South India will be touring in Europe for the third time from mid of April to mid of July 2017, sharing their unique culture and their Buddhist activities. They will perform sacred dances known as Cham during both of their cultural performances (Breath of Ngari and Three Tales of Ngari). The monks will create sand mandalas, chant traditional prayers, or perform various rituals in order to eliminate obstacles and accumulate merits to achieve peace and prosperity.

The aims of this third Himalayan Sacred Arts for Peace Tour
During this tour in Europe the monks will be offering their skills to private parties as well as to institutions interested in Buddhist activities or engaged in the preservation of Himalayan art and culture.

‘‘The ultimate aim of these Buddhist practices of the Great Vehicle is to benefit sentient beings. By introducing these sacred arts in a non-sectarian way, we hope to reach a greater audience in order to manifest the wisdom and compassion of the Himalayan culture with the world. Thus, our main purpose is to share and promote the wisdom and spirituality of the Himalayan people.

Other aims of this third tour are to raise funds for our the new building with rooms for Geshes-la at the Ngari Khangtsen  within the Sera Jey Monastery – South India – which is currently underway, and as always, to raise funds for the daily necessities of our monks in South India. Our khangtsen is responsible for providing housing, clean water, medical and educational material for our monks and for this, we are reliant on the generosity of sponsors.’’

Download the 2016 Tour presentation (pdf)