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Presentation of the Tour 2016


Sera Jey Ngari Khangtsen
Ngari Khangtsen at Sera Jey Monastery is located in the State of Karnataka, South India, in the Bylakuppe Tibetan Settlement. Bylakuppe is one of the oldest of the Tibetan refugee camps in South India. At Sera Jey, there are fourteen house groups called ‘Khangtsens’. Each khangtsen is linked to a province in Tibet and has to accommodate the monks that hail from these areas. Thus, the Ngari Khangtsen is responsible for the monks from the Himalayan regions which nowadays are located in Tibet, India, and Nepal, from Ladakh to western Tibet. These house groups function independently from the main monastery. Each house group has the responsibility to provide the living necessities for their monks, which includes housing, medical care, and educational needs.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama recently reminded the people of the Himalayan Regions of their responsibility to preserve Tibetan Buddhism, which he said is currently passing through a difficult phase in Tibet. Since Buddhism is commonly followed by both Tibetans and Himalayan people, the Himalayan people should make great efforts to preserve the complete set of the Buddha’s teachings along with the commentaries of the Nalanda Masters of India and Tibetan Masters. His Holiness said, “At this time, it is very important and the responsibility of all Himalayan people to send as many students as possible to Sera, Drepung, Gaden and other monasteries to learn Buddhism from the present Monastic Scholars”.

Les amis du khangtsène de Ngari – Friends of Ngari Khangtsen
Created 25th of May 2013, the nonprofit organisation called ‘Les amis du khangtsen de Ngari’ has as its objective to support projects of the Ngari khangtsen, Sera Je monastery in South India and has the permission from the Ngari Khangtsen Office, represented by M. Ngawang Tashi to raise funds in its name. To do this, the association makes efforts to collect funds from individual sponsors, private people and different other organizations.
Les amis du khangtsène de Ngari (chez M. et Mme Henry)
Bordeneuve , 81500 Marzens (France)

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The second European Tour members in Austria in July 2016: "Bye bye and thank you to all of our supporters".


The first European Tour members in 2015.

Ngari Khangtsen monks in front of the premices of tghe new temple in March 2015.

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